Aura Supported Attributes- Part 2

We looked at some basic attribute types in my last post. Now lets look at other attribute types that are available for Lightning Components development

  • Object Types: This attribute type is declared as a type 'Object' and used for passing any type of event parameter's like Array of String, Array of Integer, etc.,
          Object Type Attribute: <aura:attribute name="objTypeAttr" type="Object" default="['Test1', 'Test2']" />

  • Standard and Custom Object Types: This extends above attribute types in order to be able to use both Standard and Custom Objects
          Standard Object Attribute: <aura:attribute name="standObj" type="Account" />

          Custom Object Attribute: <aura:attribute name="cstmObj" type="Expense__c" />

  • Collection Types: We have Four collection attribute types for use [Type[], List, Set, and Map]
  • Custom Apex Class Type: This attribute type is helpful to access all Apex Class Methods however all methods need to be annotated as @AuraEnabled prior using them in Lighting Components
          Custom Apex Class Attribute: <aura:attribute name="apexClassAttr" type="{Class_Name}">

  • Framework-Specific Types: This attribute type is to embed a Component within an attribute. Here we have two types
          a. Aura.Component - This is a single Component however Salesforce recommends using                         Aura.Component[] instaead]
          b. Aura.component[] - This is a List of Components

Hope you like this post and any kind of feedback or corrections are always welcome - Thanks!


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